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officeshotCompany Profiles for McClays Transportation and Oxford Enterprises

2010 was a historic year for trucking in Ingersoll Ontario, as two well-known local trucking companies came together to form McClays Transportation Group, a trucking group with a wealth of experience, expertise and an impressive fleet of modern tractor and trailers.

We did debate whether we'd combine the names, but since so many of our local customers recognise and trust the McClays and Oxford Enterprises names, we thought "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

So, we've kept the company names, to preserve their different identities and services on offer (and not have to repaint the trucks!). Click below to discover the differences, and which company does what!

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McClays Transportation: (519) 485-3088
Oxford Enterprises: (519) 485-1345
[email protected]
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General: (519) 485-1246
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