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Cross Border Canada to US Freight Transport

With our base here in southwestern Ontario, it's only natural that both McClays Transportation and Oxford Enterprises have years of experience in US/Canada border freight transport. With the border just an hour away, our day drivers and long-haul drivers can deliver your freight anywhere in North America.

Our international shipping team are experts in ensuring that shipments are cleared by Customs with minimal delay. We are approved bonded carriers for both US and Canada Customs, and are also FAST approved. In addition, we are a CTPAT certified carrier which ensures the highest levels of security are maintained for goods transported from Canada to the US.

Cross-border temperature sensitive freight

In the 3-4 days it might take to haul your shipment from Canada to southern California, your goods will potentially undergo a variety of temperature changes. Thanks to our extensive fleet of temperature controlled reefer units, we can ensure your shipment stays at a constant temperature throughout transportation, to arrive in perfect condition.

What is FAST?

The Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program is a joint initiative between Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection that makes commercial freight shipment simpler and quicker.  FAST clearance enables our trucks to pass through border controls more quickly, thanks to special lanes, priority inspections and all trade data declarations done at a later time, not at time of entry.

The practical upshot is that your cross-border shipment takes less time and therefore costs less with a FAST approved freight carrier like us.

For all your cross-border freight shipments, call us at (519) 485-3088.

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