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Contract Shipping Services for Ontario, Quebec, Canada and the US

Nothing gets us closer to our community here in Ingersoll than contract freight shipping - we've been trucking goods for local suppliers and manufacturers for almost 40 years!

Contract shipping is probably what we enjoy doing most at the McClays Transportation Group, building personal and long-lasting relationships with a wide variety of town, county and provincial businesses. So, we'll take time to fully understand your freight logistic requirements, your delivery schedules, peak seasons, and special requirements such as unusual loads or temperature controlled shipping. With our experience and dedication to excellence, you know we'll get your goods where they need to be, week in week out, whether local, short haul, long haul or international.

We'll design your contract freight service to your exact requirements, including allocating equipment, drivers, and trucks as required. As a contracted shipping customer, you will have your own dedicated customer service contact, someone who knows you, your business, your requirements and your load types.

For contract shipping to Canada and the US, we are a Canada and U.S.A. Customs Bonded Carrier, with full CSA clearance, FAST accreditation and are a CTPAT certified carrier.

Whatever your size of business, our contract shipping services can save you time, money and a great deal of hassle. Call us at (519) 485-3088 to discuss your requirements.

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