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Livestock Shipping from McClays Transportation

At McClays Transportation, livestock transport is just about one thing, the welfare of the animals. Our top priority is their comfort and wellbeing, including reducing their mental stress to an absolute minimum during loading, transit and unloading. Our livestock transportation staff is full trained, highly experienced and dedicated to ensuring their special passengers have the best experience possible.

All livestock transportation is conducted in strict accordance with government and federal requirements as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) rules and regulations on movement, density, fitness for travel, etc. We also adhere to the Codes of Practice issued by the NFACC, and ensure all animals have sufficient feed, water and rest at the required intervals.

Our animal transport fleet comprises of modern, well-maintained tractors and spotlessly clean trailers, specially adapted for animal transport. All have customized side panels for weatherproof ventilation, and non-slip textured metal flooring to ensure a good grip at all times.

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